704 8th Ave.

Altoona, PA 16602



Summer Hours

Starting April 20th


7 Days a Week

Stop In Today and FEEL The  Difference!


"........Your range facilities very nice and the instructor was

extremely knowledgeable and took time with each individual

student.  Everyone in the class was very pleased with what

they learned and we all felt much more comfortable and

confident with our handguns.  I had a great time at this

class and learned a lot.  I am looking forward to attending

more classes and I tell my friends about it every chance

I get....Thank you guys!!" 

Rick T.

"......Having had a few private lessons now, I can't tell you

how much safer I feel knowing I can defend myself better. Tom is very patient and knowledgeable but at the same time he is firm and makes sure safety and good skills are maintained.  I like how he adds something new each time that builds on previous lessons.  Another thing I really liked was being able to shoot several of your rental guns to see which I like the best.  That really helped me make up my mind before I went out and bought one....."

Jessica L.